locations McKinleyAt Horizon Education Centers, we're all about opening up the world to children through learning, a variety of programs and social interaction. Our dedicated and experienced staff provide children with an array of activities at our centers.

Our newest center offering multiple programs is Lorain Community Middle School located on West 4th St. At the center; kids can vent their creative genius and curious nature in a positive way.

Your child has access to science, academics and Lego robotics to spark their interest. Athletic kids can learn and hone their karate skills while artistic children can learn about fashion and culinary arts. Those who have an interest in computers can choose media and technology.

The programs offered at Lorain Community Middle School are designed for after school interaction. Kids also benefit through the after school program with group tutoring utilizing licensed teachers, supporting math and reading through the online Kids College, and help with homework.

girl painting at HorizonWhether your child enjoys cooking, sketching or painting, building the next robot, or learning the latest in computer technology, Horizon has the program to keep them interested. Field trips are also part of Horizon's creative curriculum.

Along with the middle school program, Horizon Education Centers also offers programs for toddlers, preschool, Head Start for ages 3-5, and 21st Century Elementary for students ages 6-12, summer camp, computer labs, physical education and dance.


As an added benefit, Horizon provides safe bus transportation to and from many of the schools in the area and on field trips.

With multiple locations serving the area, you're just a phone away from getting your child started on the road to learning. Call the Horizon center nearest you for more information about our programs and camps.

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