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When Should Your Toddler Ditch the Sippy Cup?

Posted by David Smith on Mon, Sep 15, 2014 @ 08:30 AM

Sippy Cup ToddlerOne of the questions every parent asks is at what age should the sippy cup be replaced with a regular drinking cup. Like most things, there will be a variety of answers based on personal and subjective opinions.

From a sampling of responses from parents with toddlers, many of the answers range for making the switch between 2 to 3 years old. Some parents choose never to start using a sippy cup while a few parents went beyond the age 3 limit.

Pros and Cons of Sippy Cups

• Sippy cups can be introduced to babies less than a year old to help get them accustomed to "sipping" from the cup, periodically. At around 9 months, they may begin using it instead of a bottle.

• Allowing children to use the sippy cup as a pacifier, or to have access to them all day with sweet drinks, milk, or juice increases the chance of tooth decay due to sugar continually bombarding teeth. If you're allowing your child to have unlimited access to the sippy cup, fill it with water.

• According to information from WebMD, use of a traditional sippy cup should be limited to approximately one month then switched to a cup with straw.

• The sucking motion on the cup can lead to dental issues, affect tongue positioning, and create articulation issues when used for long lengths of time.

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