child preparation daycareIt’s that time of year. Parents clutching school supply lists are stalking the store aisles searching for good buys on notebook paper and pencils. Many experienced child care centers also provide parents with a list of things their child should keep in his cubby or carry back and forth on a daily basis. If you haven’t received a list, use these tips from Horizon Center toddler care and child care teachers to pack your child’s daycare bag:

• Let your child pick out a special daycare backpack to keep everything together so important items are not forgotten as your child travels between home and day care.

• Talk to the center director about food. Many daycare centers provide nutritious meals and snacks; others ask parents to send them. Be prepared to provide special foods if your child has food allergies.

• Pack a change of clothing (more than one for diaper wearers and potty trainers). Send diapers and wipes if necessary. Children should wear closed-toe shoes. All clothing should be labeled with your child’s name. Include a seasonal coat or jacket and hat (plus mittens in winter) and rain gear for rainy days. Swimsuits and towels may be requested on water play days.

• For naptime, pack a favorite blanket and lovey. With the exception of his lovey, don’t send toys your child doesn’t want to share or lose. Label everything!

• Sunscreen for outdoor play.

• Keep a pad of paper and pen in the outside pocket for making notes.

Our Horizon Education staff will be happy to answer your questions about what to pack for daycare. Call today to find out about fall enrollment.

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