pierced ear toddlerYour cute and growing little girl inspiring you to consider ear piercing? It’s a big decision, so be certain to do your homework and consider the following before jumping on the piercing bandwagon:

• Age matters.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests waiting until your toddler is old enough to take care of piercings herself.

• Pain is a factor.

Be certain to let your child know this in advance, so it doesn’t result in trust and security issues later. Consider opting for simultaneous piercings to reduce the fear factor, as well as a dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen before piercing.

• Consider complications.

Ensure your child is up-to-date on tetanus shots prior to piercing. In addition, be aware that though earrings may be sterilized, piercing guns, commonly made with plastic, cannot be sterilized and are typically not cleaned in a medically recognized way between piercings. This can increase the incidence of blood born infections such as hepatitis. To reduce this risk, consider piercings at your pediatrician or dermatologist, though not all doctors perform the procedure.

• Prevent infection.

Redness or irritation around piercings indicates infection. Explain that your toddler should look but not touch to avoid this possibility, and be sure to gently rotate posts and clean them at least twice daily with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

• Choose earrings wisely.

Allergic reactions are not uncommon, and are indicated by a rash. Opt for surgical steel or 14k gold posts and backs to avoid this, as well as studs to reduce the risk of tears hoops and dangly styles pose.

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