Horizon ToddlerRecently out affiliate, Ready Set Go!, produced a blog we thought would be interesting for you to read. Hesana Ralston outlines 3 simple at-home learning activities for your preschoolers. Here is her blog:

Here are three fun and simple activities that can be done outside of the classroom to build the academic skills of preschoolers in the areas of math, science, and reading/language arts. These are great tips to pass along to families to reinforce learning outside of the classroom.

Math-Number Fun

  • Write the numbers 1 to 10 on index cards or separate pieces of paper.
  • ape the numbers around the house within the childs reach and ask your child to bring you a particular number. You may want to tape all numbers in specific places. For example, tape all numbers only on cabinets or only on windows.
  • BONUS-Once finding numbers has been mastered, you can have your child count objects, such as the number of cups on the counter, and then bring you the card with the correct number.

Reading & Language Arts

Find the Letter

  • Cut out circles of paper small enough to hide under a cup.
  • Write different letters on each circle. Place three cups on the table and hide a paper circle under only one cup.
  • Have your child guess where the letter is and identify the letter when it is found.

Word Recognition

Once your child can recognize letters, start practicing simple word recognition.

  • Write simple words such as cat, dog or bird on index cards.
  • Draw or place pictures of these same words on another set of index cards.
  • With the cards laid out on a flat surface, have your child match the words to the pictures.
  • BONUS-you can use this activity with pictures and names of family members

Science-I Spy Word Recognition

This word game can help develop shape and color recognition.

  • While driving, walking, or in the home say, "I spy with my little eye something that is blue," or "...something that is square."
  • Take turns guessing. Your child will have fun guessing what it is you see.