21st Century

Our 21st Century Community Learning Centers deliver hundreds of engaging learning activities specially designed to promote student desire to learn, while encouraging student learning through direct instruction and the following technology-empowered curriculum features: audio assistance, immediate feedback, and the option to repeat instruction as often as needed. Our centers also include computer labs for homework completion and research.

Some of the advantages of this approach are:

Direct Instruction and Immediate Feedback

During the school day, some children do not receive a lot of direct instruction that employs technology. This is not a criticism of teachers or school systems; it is simply a reality of education today. Exposing your child to the opportunity to receive direct instruction and immediate feedback can give them the opportunity to approach learning in a different way. The smaller setting of our afterschool programs can help reinforce concepts that your child may have missed during their regular school day.

Audio Assistance

In our high tech world, sometimes it is easier for modern children to pay attention to technological devices than it is for them to give their attention to a person. Again, this is not a criticism, but just an observation that some children respond readily to technology in a way that they don't to human instruction. We like to combine both, since being able to use technology is crucial for success in today's world.

Repeating Instruction

If you have ever read your child a story or show your child a movie and wondered at their repeated requests to see or hear this same story again and again, then you know that children learn through repetition. Yet, the demands of curriculum in schools sometimes dictate moving on before a child has completely mastered a concept. Our 21st Century Community Learning Center offers children the opportunity to repeat so that they can gain complete understanding.