Horizon busSummer is almost upon us. It doesn't have to be a time of listening to your kids talk about how bored they are. In fact, when considering summer care for your child this year, while summer camp is always an option, you can also encourage him or her to get involved in a community project.

Care For The Environment

Encourage your children to participate in an activity that will help clean up your community and make it nicer. They can plant trees or flowers. They can also join in with other students and do a garbage clean-up.

Visit A Nursing Home

The elderly people who live in nursing homes love visits from children. They enjoy talking to the kids, watching them play, listening to them sing. Help your children make some treats and take them to area nursing homes. You can even take turns with other parents and round up a group of kids to take on a weekly basis.

Help Those In Need

If your child is passionate about helping others, a great way to do that is to collect items for the needy and deliver them to homeless shelters in the area with you. Kids can also hold a teddy bear drive and collect stuffed animals for kids who are in shelters or in the hospital.

Service projects teach children a valuable lesson about what it means to look outside yourself and help other people. Kids need the guidance of their parents to steer them in the right direction. Showing your child how to be a hero sounds like a great form of summer care.