summer camp for kids.jpg“Laughter, singing and cheering are all common sounds heard in and around summer camp . . . Summer camp is a special environment where kids have the opportunity to explore nature, find new talents, try new activities, gain independence, and make lifelong friendships and memories.” (Parenting New Hampshire)

As we mentioned previously, summer camps have existed for so long it’s hard to imagine not having them. In fact, the first organized summer camp for kids was founded more than 150 years ago (1861) and it was so successful that the program was repeated for the next dozen years. (Of course, there were no camp buses then, so the group needed to hike to the camp site, lugging all of the equipment!)

Benefits of summer camps are numerous, including opportunities for kids to learn a wide range of skills, many of them not typically available in a school setting. Plus, skills are taught in a fun way in a safe, relaxing and supportive environment, which is an ideal way to boost children’s confidence and independence. Summer camp programs typically include plenty of physical activity, usually a mix of structured and unstructured, and can range from hiking to swimming to group sports and much more.


Summer camps are also an excellent opportunity for your child to disconnect, to take a break from technology. The average child is spending as much as eight hours per day plugged in, significantly more than the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, which is no more than two hours daily.

Parents have already noted negative effects from too much technology use in their children. In fact, a 2014 study showed that 60 percent of parents felt that way – and surely the number is increasing, and will continue to increase even further. These negative effects can include “attention difficulties, low grades, impaired sleep, obesity and withdrawal from family life.” Discover more about what we’ve reported on the subject.


Friendships can flourish in camp—and often do. “By the end of summer camp,” Parenting New Hampshire says, “children will not only have been given the opportunity to experience a great summer, but each will also have evolved as an individual, learning more about themselves in the process.” Take a look at fun camp memories we’ve blogged about and the friendships that blossomed.

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