summer_camp_group_shotWhen we think of summer, we think of hot weather, pools and most importantly for those kiddos, NO SCHOOL!  Parents, teachers and caregivers alike all know how exciting that last day of school can be for a child, but we often forget about one HUGE detail: SUMMER LEARNING LOSS.  For more than a century, summer vacation has been recognized as a period when students’ rate of academic development declines when compared to the school year. Did you know that kids can lose up to three months of grade level equivalency during the summer due to out-of-school influences and lack of summer learning opportunities!? This summer learning loss is primarily seen in areas of Reading and Mathematics.  Most students typically demonstrate lower scores on standardized tests at the end of summer verses the beginning of summer (White, 1906; Entwisle & Alexander 1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al. 2004). During this time, children are also more likely to experience rapid weight gain as they are not as active as they are during a normal school day. Children entering kindergarten in the fall benefit from skill building and enriching activities as well.

School Age Summer Camp Program

So now that we know the statistics, what can we do about it? That is where Horizon Education Centers comes into play! Horizon strives to provide a safe, healthy and fun summer camp. But most importantly, we provide an opportunity for summer learning for children of all ages, stages, and background. Our summer camp is a lesson-planned/theme-based ten week program. We will get a little wet in the “Catch a Wave” theme and travel the globe in the “Where in the World” theme. “Animal Planet” will provide experiences to study animals from around the world and the kids will put on lab coats to enjoy “sick science.” The kids’ minds are busy all summer gearing up for a spelling bee, math fact championship and basketball shootouts. Our teachers are experienced, trained and have multiple resources available to them to keep kids minds active. The 8th annual Horizon Field Day is set for August 12th and the kids will be ready for a little friendly center-to-center competition!

Horizon also stresses the importance of parent involvement by providing families with meaningful strategies and resources that can be carried into the home. The more time spent preventing summer learning loss, at home and during a summer program, the less likely the need for costly remediation in the future. There will be a campfire night this summer with food, fun and song for families to enjoy and a “Broadway Bound” themed production at each center. We are expecting standing room only!

Horizon’s summer camp for 2015 is packed full of exciting field trips, lessons and fun. Great theme-based learning for all ages, including our youngest children; water days, outside activities and kindergarten boot camp will have them engaged in fun hands-on-learning and ready to start school this fall.

Enrollment starts soon, contact your neighborhood location to schedule a tour, or visit

Horizon Summer Camp