Summer camp comes with plenty of benefits and, to help you decide whether to send your child this year, look at this list. Would you like your child to enjoy these four benefits?

#1 Building Friendships and Social Skills

Summer camp takes place in a more relaxed environment than school, giving children time to form and strengthen friendships as they find common interests and have fun together. From running races to going on scavenger hunts to creating pieces of artwork, children can collaborate as they learn and socially grow.

Some of these friendships, in fact, may extend beyond the summer—whether that means throughout the upcoming school year or something much longer. Plus, they can build relationships with camp counselors who guide them, encourage budding friendships, and help them to realize their own true potential.

#2 Gaining in Independence and Confidence

School days are usually tightly structured and, although that has benefits, so does the more flexible atmosphere of summer camp where children may have more choices about how to explore the camp’s theme-based activities. Away from Mom, Dad, and teachers—and so without the strictures of chores and homework—children can make choices and consider decisions in the safe environment of a quality summer camp.

Well-designed programs—like the one we have at Horizon Education Centers—allow children to gain levels of responsibility and resilience. Because camp is based on enjoying fun experiences, your child probably won’t even realize how much more resourceful he or she is becoming.

#3 Growing in Well-Rounded Ways

Quality summer camps can seamlessly blend opportunities for physical, mental, and interpersonal growth. For example, your child can participate in a wide range of physical activities that can help to enhance their physical health. Did you know, though, that a recent study shows how exercising can also help children aged six to 12 to boost their vocabulary? This astonishing find is so significant that the lead researcher is calling exercise and its impact on children’s intellectual growth the “Miracle-Gro of the brain.”

Camp is also an excellent antidote for summer learning loss. As Psychology Today notes, the evidence clearly shows how keeping children engaged can help them to avoid learning loss. In fact, they can even boost their knowledge, being even more prepared when fall comes around again.

#4 Encouraging Creativity

On quizzes and tests, teachers often seek one specific answer from students—which makes sense because they’re focused on increasing children’s knowledge base. Supplement that knowledge while encouraging creativity—which is what happens in well-designed summer camp programs—and you’ve got a winning combination. 

So, what’s the power of creative expression, exactly, whether it’s art, music, drama, or something else entirely? According to an Australian educational center, it’s all about the process. The outcome might be a fingerpainting, an entertaining skit, or an original song. No matter what it is, allowing space for the creative process encourages the development of even more creativity. 

Summer Camp: Horizon Education Center

Our 2022 summer camp program is uniquely designed for children aged six to 12. This year's theme is "Time Travels With Horizon!" Our camp offers art, science, math, and technology activities; a summer reading program; weekly themed activities that include field trips to Urban Air Adventure Park and a visit to The International Women's Air & Space Museum. Plus, we provide breakfast and lunch daily. 

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