preparing_your_child_back_to_schoolDid you send your child back-to-school this week? If not, it is quickly approaching – it’s important to begin to transition your child for fall. Perhaps your child is starting preschool or kindergarten and you want him or her to be ready. What should you do?

Tips from WebMD

WebMD says it’s important to have your child get into a “school-day rhythm” before the school year begins. This includes getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning and eating breakfast, lunch and snacks at times that will approximate the school schedule. If your child isn’t used to leaving the house in the morning, get him or her used to doing so. 

Talk to him or her about responsibilities, such as organizing school belongings, keeping track of assignments and bringing home homework. If your child can’t write his or her name yet, WebMD says, or tie shoes, work on those skills. Competency builds confidence!

Tips from The Family Center

The adjustment period from summer to school takes about 10 to 14 days, says The Family Center (note from Horizon: if this is your child’s first experience with school, transitions may be more involved and that’s normal). 

Other tips include:

  • Not allowing your child to sleep in on weekends, as this makes resetting internal clocks more challenging/
  • Following a consistent bedtime routine that includes a relaxing bedtime setting that is quiet, dark and a bit cool. 
  • Avoiding caffeine and/or big meals before bedtime

Tips from Kids Health

If your child is feeling nervous about going to school for the first time – or back to school – assure him or her that those feelings are normal. also says to emphasize the positive, such as spending time with friends, meeting new classmates, getting new school supplies and enjoying activities such as sports.

Talk to your child about his or her worries. Is there a class bully? Does keeping up with homework concern him or her? Is your child nervous about making new friends and/or meeting a new teacher? Reassure your child and work with him or her throughout the transition.  

Tips from Child Parenting at 

If your young child will be riding a school bus for the first time, there may be feelings of anxiety to discuss – and all children need to learn about bus safety. says that children need to have an adult watch him or her get on or off the bus until they are in middle school. Additional tips include:

  • Make a rule that the child needs to be “three big steps back” from the curb when the bus approaches and to stay there until the bus stops completely and the driver opens the doors.
  • Tell your child that he or she is not allowed to stick arms, legs – or any other body parts – out the school bus windows. 
  • If it’s necessary to cross the street in front of the bus, tell your child to take “five big, exaggerated steps” away from the front and wait until the bus driver sees him or her before crossing the street. 

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