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Northeast Ohio Summer Camps: How To Choose the Right One

Posted by Dave Smith on Wed, Mar 13, 2024 @ 08:00 AM

Summer camps offer children a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and create lasting memories. When choosing between Northeast Ohio summer camps for your child, you’ll want to consider your child’s interests—such as STEM, reading, or outdoor activities—the qualifications of staff, the camp’s culture, and the cost. Here’s more on each of these.

#1: Child’s Interests

Summer camps allow your child to pursue interests outside of the school setting and are one of the best ways to keep them engaged during the summer season. Talk to your child about their interests and find ways to capitalize on those passions via a summer camp experience. Summer camps that offer weekly themes can be a wonderful way for them to enjoy multiple interests.

#2: Staff Qualifications

When reviewing Northeast Ohio summer camps, find out who developed the programming. You’ll want a camp where the program was created by education or child development professionals—and is also staffed by them. Before you sign on the dotted line for a camp, make sure there will be enough supervision, with attention paid to dietary restrictions, allergies and other special needs, as well as an emergency preparedness plan in place. 

#3: Camp Culture

The summer camp’s environment also matters a lot. You’ll want one that’s friendly and welcoming, a place where your child can build friendships and enjoy time with other campers. Structure is important for a safe, meaningful camp experience, and so is time in which your child can more freely engage in interests and bonding with others. You’ll want one of the Northeast Ohio summer camps that recognizes the importance of this hospitable culture.

#4: The Cost

Look for a camp that meets your requirements at an affordable cost. Summer day camps are generally much more affordable because there’s not a need for more extensive travel to get to the location or for dinner and sleeping accommodations. Another benefit of day camp: this structure allows your child to benefit from activities away from home without the length of time away triggering homesickness.

Horizon Education Centers Offers an Enriching Summer Camp

Once you’ve chosen the right summer camp for your child, it can be a true joy to watch them flourish in the environment: learning, growing, engaging, and so forth. It isn’t unusual for children to build friendships that stand the test of time through their camp experiences!

When you register for summer camp with Horizon Education Centers, available for children in kindergarten through the age of 12, you will benefit from a cost-effective summer camp that offers an assortment of fun educational activities and weekly field trips led by experienced staff. 

Weekly themes range from Magical Science to Merlin/Mythical characters—and plenty in between—while field trips have included visits to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Pioneer Water Park, Swings & Things, an art museum, and more, in addition to swimming and trips to area parks. It’s the perfect combination to combat summer learning loss while encouraging fun!

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