indoor_play_without_sunSummer Quest Camp this year is built around outdoor educational engagement. At Horizon Education Centers we prioritize activities that get children thinking, moving, and playing outside. Occasionally, outdoor play is not possible because of unpleasant weather--but just because the sun disappears does not mean the fun goes with it! At Horizon North Olmsted this week, we shifted our focus to indoor activities that kept the children learning.

indoor_play2The kid’s favorite project that we completed this week involved the construction of a volcano. After researching what volcanoes look like before and after they erupt, the children and a camp counselor followed a simple recipe that ended in a sudsy explosion, delighting the children. Suddenly, the question “When will it stop raining?” turned into “What makes baking soda and vinegar fizz when they are mixed?” and “What is real lava made of?". By encouraging children to engage in experiments, they feel more compelled to continue learning about all that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has to offer. Keeping kids happy and engaged is a priority at Horizon Education Centers.

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