We are very proud to announce that Horizon Education Centers was awarded the NASA Glenn Research Center's STEM Engagement - Innovated Student Program Grant.

The grant will provide a group of students from our North Olmsted and Dewhurst sites the chance to take part in virtual meetings with NASA and conduct on-site experiments. The centers will also receive a smart board and a Chromebook, in order to help close the digital divide.

Students will be provided with materials to take part in the “Eggstronaut Parachute Challenge.” They’ll be asked to use the materials to construct a parachute that will land their egg safely during an egg drop.

The students will also get to explore wing designs. During the “Right Wing Glider” experiment, students will make gliders out of various types of paper materials. The goal will be to see which one flies the farthest, highest and longest.

The virtual workshops occur in early March. The students will be required to submit a final report on their findings on August 16, 2021.

Horizon was one of 18 education centers and schools across the state to be awarded the grant and given the opportunity to take part in the experiments.

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