Powered by the United Way of Lorain County, South Side Pride is a community collaborative that supports the personal and academic growth of 5th-8th grade students and their families in South Elyria. As one of South Side Pride’s partners, Horizon is proud to support various programs that offer young people access to helpful resources.

Alongside after-school activities and summer camps, there's The Pioneer Freedge — or free refrigerator — program.

The Purpose of The Pioneer Freedge

Every community in the country is home to families who face hunger.

In their own words, Feeding America alludes to the food insecurity that many families face. The COVID-19 pandemic only caused food insecurity to increase, with 53 million people turning to food banks and other food programs in 2021. Of these households, many did not qualify for federal nutrition programs, so community programs were their only resource. the freedge items

The Freedge is meant to be one of these resources. Much like the Little Free Library is meant to increase book access in communities — with the idea of take a book, share a book — the Freedge is making food more accessible. Households can donate surplus food items to the community refrigerator, which families in need can access and use to fill their own refrigerator at home. It’s this idea of take what you need, leave what you can. 

The bright, inviting design of the Freedge is a reflection of the community connections it creates and the generosity it represents. While reducing food waste in their own home, families can give back to others in a meaningful way. 

Donate to Horizon Through South Side Pride's Freedge

It’s the generosity of individuals that helps South Side Pride and Horizon Education Centers create a more food-secure and connected community. When you donate to the Freedge through Horizon, we’ll use your generous contribution to purchase food to keep the community refrigerator full and ensure families can access the resources they need.

You can donate to the Freedge online or by sending a check or money order. Find more information here.

There are other ways to give back to Horizon, too. You can donate to the Mary Smith Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, which helps us fund off-campus summer activities for students in need.

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