Children typically learn well by doing. In fact, hands-on learning can be an especially helpful type of education to incorporate as young children gain knowledge informally before they begin formal learning in school. Then, hands-on learning can continue to help children grow because learning-by-doing involves actions that require exploration, creativity and critical thinking skills. Plus, children learn how to engage in the world using all their senses, enhancing their fine motor skills, and leaving them with a feeling of accomplishment when all is successfully completed. 

Through experimentation, you may find that your child is a tactile-kinesthetic learner: someone who learns best by touching and doing. Fortunately, in Northeast Ohio, there are plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning, including weekend DIY workshops at stores like Lowe’s, Michaels, and The Home Depot.

Home Depot DIY Kids Workshops

Home Depot offers classes in the stores on the first Saturday of every month between 9 am and noon. The Home Depot DIY kids workshops are free; you can sign up online while supplies and seats last. 

Store employees have been designing these DIY kids workshops since 1997 to help children learn how to build, learn, and create with parents allowed to attend with them. 

Upon completion of a project, kids receive an apron, apron pin, and certificate of achievement. They also take home the project they worked on. 

Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshops

Lowe’s DIY kids workshops are also available monthly in the stores. Free workshops recently held include one where children made their first DIY toolboxes; the following month, kids made chalkboard message centers. 

Lowe’s programs and other DIY kids workshops help kids to learn how to follow directions as they also increase their sense of independence. These workshops can be excellent ways for children to develop focus and attention, which is vital for their schoolwork.

Michaels’ DIY Kids Workshops

Recent free sessions at Michaels craft stores have included Sunday Make Breaks where kids made pom-pom penguins or Valentine’s Day cards. 

This type of hands-on learning helps boost a child’s counting abilities, which can happen, for example, when stringing beads on a craft. It also supports pattern recognition because kids will get to practice with choosing the right shapes and colors for their projects.

Hands-On Learning Is Part of Horizon’s Focus

At Horizon Education Centers, we recognize the importance and value of learning by doing. Our experienced teachers prioritize hands-on activities as part of Horizon’s core curriculum. 

If this sounds like something you’re looking for with your own children, we encourage you to explore our centers. Schedule an in-person tour today!

Horizon Education Centers offers childcare in Northeast Ohio. Centers are located in Cuyahoga County and Lorain County.