As a parent, you want the best life experiences possible for your infant, including in a daycare program. That said, it isn’t always clear what qualities to look for to achieve this goal. 

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing daycare services for infants, we can provide guidance.

Personalized, Collaborative Care

Opt for infant daycare services at a center where you can easily connect with teachers and other staff and feel comfortable asking whatever questions you may have. Their willingness to answer and provide support is a huge plus. 

Pay attention, too, to the ways in which they’re willing to communicate—in person at drop off/pick up, via Zoom, via newsletters, and so forth—and the quality of those communications. 

Emphasis On Safety

Safety is crucial—and so is the center’s ability to communicate their safety policies and how they carry them out. This includes policies about putting infants in cribs, how they’re positioned, and what else is allowed in the crib. 

Can teachers see your baby at all times? How is the area babyproofed? What about smoke detectors? How many do they have and where are they placed?

Horizon Education Centers offers infant care in Lorain County and Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Creative Curriculum

Although the word “curriculum” isn’t often associated with infant care, this is a learning intensive time for your child. So, it’s important to nurture their brain development by building connections with other people and sharing age-appropriate objects with them. 

In the state of Ohio, the early learning and development standards were designed for infants through preschoolers. These standards include how play is important to learning; that learning and development should be seamlessly integrated; and that each child is entitled to “equitable learning opportunities.” When comparing daycare services for infants, pay attention to these components. 

Experienced Teachers

Ask about the center’s licenses (which are required to operate) and third-party accreditations (which demonstrate how the center goes above and beyond). What do they require from their teachers as far as education and experience? How organized are they? How well do they keep you informed about your child’s progress?

Engaging, Sensory-Rich Environments

Having an optimal environment, which includes but isn’t limited to developmentally appropriate toys, is vital for brain development. What bright colors are there to observe? What can babies touch? Are there times for calm and quiet interspersed with music and other opportunities for auditory interaction?

Child Care Services for Infants at Horizon Centers

Horizon Education Centers checks all of these boxes with our infant child care program. The program provides personalized care for your baby in a safe environment, with opportunities to engage in a creative, sensory-rich curriculum that’s guided by experienced teachers. Each child is assigned a primary caregiver for optimal connection, interaction, and development. 

To request enrollment or for more information about our program, fill out this form today!

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