kids help outSiblings may sometimes be best friends and at other times detest each other. As a parent, it can be frightening and frustrating to watch your kids rave and rant about each other. Thankfully, you don’t have to witness these squabbles and fights for the rest of your life. We, at Horizon Education Centers, have developed a few family tips to instill camaraderie into your family, so that your kids will be more than willing to help out each other.

Have House Rules Based on Love, Respect, Kindness and Sharing

Every house must have a set of house rules. Use these traits to develop these rules in your home and ensure all your children understand them. They should be aware what awaits them if they break or bend these rules, as well.

Combine Your Children’s Interests

This maybe a little tough in the beginning, but is one of those family tips that will eventually pay off. If the older sibling likes to play with cars and the younger one with play-doh, get the latter to make play-doh roads for the former to drive his cars on.

Encourage Kids to Give Gifts to Each Other for No Reason

One great way to develop camaraderie in your family is to encourage and promote no-reason-gift-giving day. This will teach your kids to do something for another family member and for the recipients to appreciate the thought behind the gift.

Praise Teamwork

Get your kids to help you out in the kitchen and have them do something that requires them to work together. If they succeed, celebrate the teamwork to encourage this behavior.

If you want more family tips like these, contact Horizon Education Centers today. We have a range of afterschool programs that will be extremely beneficial for your kids.

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