DAP Developmental Assets ProfileAt Horizon we care about the development of young people we serve. That’s why Horizon takes part in the Developmental Assets Profile (DAP). The DAP is a tool that measures a student’s internal strengths and external supports and shows their growth over time. It answers questions that give educators insights on how students feel about their families, schools, and communities.

There are a total of 40 developmental assets in the survey, which identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. The number of assets a student has is directly correlated with a student’s success in both school and life. The more assets a student has, the less likely they are to be involved in high-risk behaviors, including alcohol and drug abuse, violence and sexual activity. Therefore, the DAP allows organizations to structure their programs in a way that builds student’s developmental assets so students are better prepared for their future.

Horizon DAP Results 2013-2014

By taking part in the DAP survey, Horizon is able to plan, implement and evaluate a program that has a strong impact on the population served, allowing young people to thrive. Upon entering any Horizon program, students take a Pre-DAP survey. The results from the survey are then used to plan a program that will build low assets. At the end of the school year, students take a Post-DAP survey. These results are then used to evaluate and plan for future programming. During the 2013-2014 school year, Horizon saw a 44 percent increase in Developmental Assets.

Horizon places a high value on character education, global learning and family involvement as each are equally important in addition to intellectual education. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Through monthly family nights and daily interaction with highly qualified staff, students are able to build positive relationships while unlocking the potential for student engagement and improving academic motivation. With a strong program and support staff, Horizon students raised the ranking of 17 of the 40 assets, surpassing Horizons original goal of 15.

To learn more about the Developmental Assets Profile survey, click here. Or contact, Horizon Education Centers. We offer a variety of child care programs to meet your needs, and we are committed to the development of well-rounded children.

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