day camp bored funIt seems like summer vacation barely gets underway before the whining starts. “I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” The summer chant of the bored child is something every parent dreads hearing. It’s amazing how quickly those few words can suck the fun out of summer. Happily, there is a way to chase away the “there’s nothing to do” summer blues.

Always Plenty to Do

Summer day camp programs offer children – and their parents -- many benefits:

• Parents can concentrate on their work or school life with confidence knowing that their children are spending summer days in a safe, educational, well-supervised and caring environment.

• Day camps provide healthy structure and balance to children’s summer days.

• Day camp programs provide children with an ever-changing variety of fun and exciting activities geared to keep their minds engaged and their bodies active.

• Day camp activities stimulate children’s brains, promote active learning and help prevent summer “brain drain” as children enjoy new experiences and explore new interests.

• Day camp sports and outdoor activities encourage healthy physical activity and exercise.

• Enrolling your child in a local Lorain County day camp program allows him to make new friends and play with classroom buddies he might not otherwise get to see until the new school year starts.

No More ‘I’m Bored’

With a full schedule of educational activities, special field trips and our special interest Kid’s Clubs, parents won’t hear the words “I’m bored” when their children are enrolled in Horizon Education Centers Summer Camp program. Visit our website for day camp information. If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for early enrollment next year. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our site as we also offer holiday day camps throughout the year and specials on school vacation breaks.

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