McDonald'sGood nutrition is vital for growing toddlers. It's a priority for you when preparing snacks and meals at home. However, with the realities of your busy schedule it's inevitable that at some point you'll have to feed your child on the run. Fortunately, many restaurants are now offering better options so that you don't have to completely sacrifice quality for convenience.

Many of the guidelines for eating at fast-food establishments are the same for adults and toddlers. The number one tip is to avoid any fried foods. Even healthy items such as chicken and fish lose their benefits when saddled with an excess of fat and calories. Most restaurants offer grilling as an option for chicken strips and sandwiches.

It's also best to stay away from greasy, high-carb side dishes such as French fries and onion rings. With today's kids' meals you can select from healthier items such as yogurt, apple slices and raisins. You should also forget the empty calories of sugary soft drinks. Opt instead for fruit juice or water.

There are even some fast-food restaurants that give you a greater measure of control over what goes in your meal. Subway makes all their sandwiches fresh to order right in front of you. They provide one of the better varieties of vegetables, including green pepper, cucumbers and spinach, while their wheat and honey oat breads are great sources of whole grains and fiber. Their Fresh Fit kids' meals are all certified by the American Heart Association. And really, what kid doesn't love sandwiches?

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