Horizon OhioWith the beginning of the New Year, the menu served at Horizon will become healthier. Your children and students will be enjoying new and more natural foods.
Horizon is participating in the First Ladies anti-childhood obesity program called, “Let’s Move!”

Here are some of the guidelines:

  • No fried or pre-fried foods
  • Fruit is to be fresh, frozen or canned in juice, not Syrup
  • No Juice, only fruits and /or vegetables offered with every meal
  • Cooked Vegetables Prepared without added fat, margarine or butter
  • No breaded meats (including fish sticks and chicken nuggets)
  • Beans or Lean meats to be offered daily
  • Healthy Supplemental food (fruit, cereal and milk) will be available after their meal, if still hungry

We are asking for parents to support the new menu. It will take some children time to adapt new foods and textures. You support is needed!!! We also encourage your family to get more exercise (play sports, ride bikes or go for a family walk) and move to a healthier menu, if you have not already.

Special thanks to the Elyria City Health Department and Culinary Management Systems for their help in developing the new menu. We also invite your input at dsmith@horizonohio.org or 440-779-1930.