minivanNo one ever claimed that traveling with toddlers was easy, but even a long car ride can be less painful if you are prepared with some kid-proven distractions.

Songs. Somewhere in your past you may have made a mix tape or CD to entertain during long car trips – why not do the same for your toddler? Downloads to your MP3 player can be streamed through your car’s audio speakers. Or go more low-tech and launch your own live sing-along.

Road games. Toddlers are game for nearly any interactive challenge. Children ages 2 or 3 can understand and enjoy a game of “I Spy.”

Videos. If you have the technology, videos can be a great distraction and may even lull the little one off to sleep. Some cars have built-in backseat DVD players, and today’s mobile technology also makes possible portable DVDs and tablets to stream cartoons, movies or whatever your child likes best.

Snacks. Those experienced in traveling with toddlers accept one fact of life: The car is going to get dirty. Offering food and drinks in the car for children will inevitably result a messy back seat as the snacks get spilled. But many parents consider that a reasonable trade-off for some much-needed quiet time. Ensure that your child’s snacks are not just bite-sized by less likely to be a choking hazard should the car hit a bump while the child is eating.

Goofy stuff. If the snacks left any clean areas in your backseat, goofy activity can fill in the gaps. Give your toddler sticky tape to wade into balls and stick to the seats and back windows. A Mommybites writer suggests putting contact paper as a target for little fabric pom-poms.

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