Untitled 1 copyHas your child expressed anxiety about going back to school? Or perhaps you feel as if you are not ready to return to checking homework, arguing about bedtimes, or dragging a child out of bed. No matter who feels more stressed about school being on the horizon, as a parent you can establish routines and get your family ready for the start of school—even if you have never done this before.

Get organized the night before

If you haven't done this before (and even if you have) you can start to practice a nighttime routine as summer winds down. Do a drill of making lunches and getting backpacks in order and make it fun.

Gathering supplies

If school mornings in your house are usually chaotic and no one can find anything when they need it, consider ways that you can make your mornings go more smoothly. Clinton News suggests: "Identify a “launch pad” where everyone has a spot for their stuff, such as backpacks, lunches, car keys, sports equipment, cell phones, school IDs and jackets."

Family Calendar

If you have a hard time figuring out who is doing what when or if a parent has a schedule on their phone or other device but the rest of the family remains confused, consider hanging a calendar where everyone can see it.

Helping Kids Wind Down

If your children have enjoyed a break from set bedtimes during the summer, you will want to ease them back into a school time routine. You may get protests but it is important that they are well-rested for school and you may need to get them back to a regular bedtime sooner than they'd like. Spend extra time with your child discussing thoughts (or fears) about the upcoming school year.