Horizons Camp 2012 006Just because school is out, doesn't mean that the learning has to stop. In fact, children can learn just as much when they feel relaxed over the summer as they can during the regular school year.

Horizon Education Centers offer summer camp programs that provide students educational programs and field trips that prevent summer learning loss. Your child can take part in educational activities in art, science, technology, creative writing, theater, dance, and flag football. We also organize field trips to places like the Cleveland Zoo, Natural History Museum, and the Great Lakes Science Center.

In "The Advantages of Summer Day Camps" a Yahoo! contributor wrote about why it is a good idea to send your children to a day camp over the summer. Day camps "often provide a fun, yet intellectually challenging, environment. You do not have to worry about brains "atrophying" from disuse over the summer. Your children can experience new things, make new friends, and do it without ever realizing they are supposed to be learning."

Another advantage is that you can send your child to Horizon Education Centers over the summer if you and your child are not ready for overnight camp. Having a child stay somewhere overnight for an extended period of time can be difficult for families to navigate. With our summer camps, your child has "a chance to have a traditional summer experience without having to leave home." Part of the fun of summer camp is that it doesn’t come with the same academic obligations as school.

To see Summer Camp Calendars for Horizon Education Center locations including East Lorain, Elyria and North Olmsted, visit our website. You can see when camp starts and preview the kinds of activities your child will be able to participate in over the summer.