preschoolIn "Preschool can pay big dividends," The Washington Post quotes people who challenge the notion that preschool is merely nap time and playtime. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is quoted as saying that school have to get out of the "catch-up business" since many schools spend time trying to get middle school and high school students to be where they need be. Duncan feels that if there is a focus on early childhood education, children will be prepared for the challenges of higher grades.

And Duncan is not alone:

"Educators, policymakers and business leaders trying to close the achievement gap between poor and privileged children are increasing focusing on the role of early childhood education…

Meanwhile, advances in neuroscience over the last decade suggest that the window between birth and age 5 is a critical period of rapid learning and brain development."

Sending your child to preschool is not just about today; it is also about tomorrow. You may hear conflicting information in the news: some news outlets will say that early childhood education has a great effect on a child's life; others will say that the gains children make in preschool disappear over time. As a parent, you have to decide what will benefit your child the most. Do you want to give your child the advantage of education as soon as you possibly can or do you want to wait? Do you feel certain that your child will be able to keep up with peers no matter when her or she starts school?

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