Horizon Kids Afterschool ProgramHow can you choose an after school program for your child? Whether you are a very organized parent who has a checklist of what you want in a program or a parent who is more likely to go with what feels right, getting recommendations and visiting the programs can help you make your decision. Here are more tips from Ehow.com:

Your Child's Needs

You know your child best but because you love him or her at times it can be difficult to separate your child's needs and wants. The right environment can make all the difference in a child's life, so make sure your child the after school program you choose provides the kind of structure your child most needs.

Your Needs as a Parent

Not only does your child need to be comfortable with the staff, you need to have a certain level of comfort with them as well. You will be giving your precious child and your hard-earned money to the place where you send your child for afar school care, so you want tone able to develop a rapport with the people who work there. Find out how open the centers director and staff are to communication and make sure you are comfortable with your ability to reach a staff member when necessary.

What is Right for Your Family

It is important for parents to find affordable childcare, especially in you have more than one child. Horizon Education Centers offers 10% off if two or more children from the same family are enrolled.

You also need to find a day care and after school care that fits your lifestyle. For example, of the program is perfect but ends at a time that doesn't fit your work schedule, you may not be able to enroll your child in that program.