getting your child to readAlthough we live in a high-tech world, old-fashioned reading skills are still important. No matter what the future holds, people will still need to be able to take in, understand, and make use of information and early literacy gets kids ready to make the most of the information that comes their way. compiled the responses of parent bloggers and offered "Ten ways to encourage kids to read."

Give your kids access to books

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if your kids don't have books within reach, they won't read. One parent suggests having books all over the house (and not just in one designated spot). Another finds ways to make books portable by downloading children's books to an e-reader or phone, and having audio books available.

Get your kids involved

It is a simple thing, but if you let your child hold a book, they will feel they have more ownership when you read together. You can also let the child have input into the story. If your child can't read the exact words but wants to pretend to read and tell the story, encourage this.

Get a whiteboard

With a whiteboard your child can practice writing words in different colors and this may be more enjoyable that using pencil and paper all the time.

Get different types of texts

Introduce your children to fiction and nonfiction, as well as magazines, audiobooks, books with DVD components and anything else that will get them interested in words and stories.

Get close through reading

You can use reading time to bond with your child, so make it fun. One parent suggests using extra story time as a reward for good behavior. Other parents advocate finding a way to read one-on-one with your children if you have more than one.