Horizon Education CentersIt may seem that sending your children to school where there is a structured learning environment is enough to put them on a path to success but most children would also benefit from attending an after school program. While it does provide a structured environment, an after school program is not school. There is learning but there are no report cards. The activities that kids participate in during after-school care may complement what they do during school hours. The opportunity to play sports, work on computers, and go on field trips with a different set of people can be very beneficial.

Our Afterschool Program for middle school students offers individual and group tutoring so your child can get help with homework. Depending on the assignment, students can find homework to be very challenging but they may not want to ask for help or admit that they are falling behind. In our caring, nurturing environment, they will be reminded that there is no shame in asking for help. And the help they receive might reinforce what they are learning in school and serve to boost their academic performance.

After school programs are also an opportunity to see to it that your child stays safe once school lets out. You may trust your child to be responsible for him or herself at home without supervision but you might feel better knowing that your child is not spending a lot of time alone each day.

Rather than having your children go home to watch television or play video games, let Horizon Education Centers continue to stimulate their minds. You will likely see a difference in their schoolwork and level of concentration. This free program is a safe place to continue learning outside the classroom and we offer convenient transportation after the program ends.