Tween ShoppingOne of the worst cases of parent child conflict occurs during the tween years when it comes time to go shopping for clothes. During this period of your child's life, you might be tempted to skip the mall altogether and only purchase clothes online. However, there are a few steps you can take to make your shopping experience together more tolerable...even enjoyable!

Go Online

The Internet is a valuable source of information to help you both get on the same page. Take some time to discuss the current clothing trends with your child. For girls, it can be tempting for them to attempt to fit in with their friends and purchase clothing that might be too tight or otherwise inappropriate. Discussing your ground rules beforehand will eliminate a lot of "huffing and puffing" once you're in the mall.

Be Honest About the Budget

At one time or another, your kids will need to understand that money doesn't grow on trees. So, start early, before the teen years hit, to outline for them what their clothing budget is. Kids respond very well to knowing what the limits are, and if they go into their shopping trip with a figure in mind, it will help them to make better decisions on what clothes to buy.

Give Your Child Options

If your income can handle it, you might want to consider offering your child a way to earn money at home to add to their clothing budget. This is a great option that allows kids to feel a sense of accomplishment in having played a part to buy their clothes. It also can help them make smarter choices.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that your tween is growing up quickly and wants to have more of a say in what he or she wears. With a little communication and pre-planning, you can cut down on clothing-related parent child conflict with your tween. Make sure to check out the Horizon Education blog for helpful topics that help you to connect with your growing child and successfully navigate and build relationships in the tween and middle school years.