Whether you’re planning a major vacation, summer road trip or staycation this year, make sure Niagara Fallsyou schedule plenty of ordinary family time in between the activities and attractions. Parents are often surprised that their children’s most memorable vacation moments center on seemingly mundane activities – a game of catch, playing board games on a rainy day, a trip to the playground, stopping for ice cream cones on a hot day or snuggling together as a family. Your children will certainly be awed by the Grand Canyon and impressed by Niagara Falls; but everyday interactions with their parents and families make the greatest impression on toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. To have the complete and undivided attention of their mom or dad or grandparent is the ultimate treat for children, no matter how young or old.

In a comparison of family behaviors, researchers at Brigham Young’s Marriot School found that ordinary daily activities such as family dinners, game night, story time and playing catch in the backyard played a bigger role in strengthening family cohesiveness and created stronger childhood memories than pricey vacations. That doesn’t mean there isn’t value in expanding your children’s horizons and exposing them to new sights and activities; but it does mean that, for children, the most important part of a vacation is spending time with their parents. Given the current economy, that’s good news for families that have decided to scale back or forego vacations this summer.

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