It has been 40 years since Judy Blume wrote “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” but the book Booksstill resonates with today’s 9-year-olds. From “Freckle Juice” and “Blubber” to “Superfudge” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” Judy Blume captured with understanding and humor the world-tilting jumps from awkwardness to awe and insecurity to bravado that characterize childhood. Recently appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books, she shared tips on how parents can encourage their children to spend more time reading.

    • Let your child’s interests point the way when choosing books. Feel free to recommend books you think your child might enjoy, but let your child choose. Don’t be disappointed if your child isn’t interested in a book that you loved when you were his age. As children grow older and seek independence from their parents, they may respond more positively to suggestions made by a teacher or librarian.
    • Use technology to entice your children to read. Encourage older children to read by allowing them to download and read ebooks on your iPad. Younger children enjoy following along as they listen to audio books. Promote reading by listening to books on tape as a family during summer travels.
    • Make regular visits to the library with your children. Enroll toddlers and preschoolers in story time programs and school-aged children in summer reading programs.
    • Commemorate special events and accomplishments with a trip to the bookstore to purchase a new book.

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Photo Credit: jm3