When parents gather, they joke about the lengths to which their children will go to keep the sandman away. While there’s a feeling of camaraderie in knowing you are not the only parent Horizon Kidsfighting nightly bedtime battles, an edge of frustration and worry underlie funny stories about the Jack-in-the-box kid who won’t stay in bed or the cast of thousands that accompany your child to bed. Parents know their children need sleep, and they worry when their children won’t settle down and go to sleep. Of course, when kids won’t go to sleep, it cuts into the few precious hours of adult time parents look forward to each night, another incentive to end bedtime battles. Parents need time to relax and regroup as much as children do!

Horizon Education Center offers you a complete our list of tips on helping your child get the sleep he needs (see our previous post for more tips):

  • Create a relaxing bedtime ritual and stick to it. Anticipating the steps that precede bedtime will help your child wind down and prepare for sleep. A typical bedtime ritual might be: dinner, short play time, potty-bath-brush teeth, put on pajamas, story time, goodnight kiss, lights out. Try to focus bedtime activities in the bedroom. Sit in bed with your child for story time and have your spouse come to your child’s room for goodnight kisses.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable. The room should not be too hot or cold. Place a few special stuffed animals or blankets in easy reach but avoid crowding the bed.
  • Allow your child to fall asleep by himself.

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