When you enroll your child in an afterschool program, you’ll want activities that enhance learning—but you’ll also want your child to have fun with other participants. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose! 

Quality afterschool programs offer afterschool program activities that incorporate both learning and fun into the mix. Here are three examples.

Art Projects

Children naturally enjoy coloring, painting, and creating other types of art. The good news is that art, according to PaintingToGogh.com, provides plenty of benefits for children when they’re engaged in these activities. Art strengthens logical thinking and decision-making skills, while enhancing children’s abilities to express thoughts and communicate how they feel. It can also boost confidence, assist in the development of fine motor skills, and much more.

Brookings.edu discusses research results about the role in art, concluding that “We find that a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.” 

STEM Exploration

Education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) assists in innovative thinking, TheEdvocate.org notes. It also builds resilience, encourages experimentation and teamwork, helps children to become more adaptable, and much more. What’s learned through STEM education is applicable to the everyday world: while helping children with their schoolwork, it also prepares them for the future when they enter the workforce. 

Afterschool program activities that rely upon STEM learning can range from starting a garden to building a load-bearing bridge using commonly found materials: spaghetti, LEGO, toothpicks, and so forth. Create-Learn.us shares how art and STEM activities can now intersect with digital art projects.

Outdoor Activities

When children play outdoors and spend time in nature, the benefits stack up. HealthyChildren.org highlights how it can help children be physically healthier with lower obesity rates and boosted motor development. Physical activity outdoors can also spark curiosity, which can help children to become more interested in learning with improved outcomes. Behavior is often more positive, too, as they expend energy outdoors, leading to lower rates of stress and increased amounts of focus. 

Afterschool program activities that allow children to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors include scavenger hunts, nature collections—perhaps of rocks or leaves—kickball, and jumping rope. When the weather is right, children also appreciate picnics. 

Horizon Education Centers: Fall Enrollment

School-age programs at Horizon Education Centers cover all of these bases. We put a strong emphasis on physical and wellness development with healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Our well-educated and dedicated teachers offer engaging STEM exploration activities along with art and more. Academically, you can count on homework help and tutoring that’s provided by qualified teachers and staff. Plus, transportation is available to and from the school and Horizon center. 

Fall enrollment is open! Returning families can re-enroll here. Or if you’re a new family, fill out this form to schedule a tour today!

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