summer_crafts_for_summerIf your child loves doing crafts – and most do – then check out these resources for fun, age-appropriate summer crafts for preschoolers.

First School offers numerous beach-themed crafts for young artists. Click here to find coloring pages that also reinforce alphabet learning in a fun way and teach interesting facts that your preschooler can share with family members and friends.

For example, for the letter D, the focus is on a friendly ocean animal – the dolphin. Multiple coloring pages are provided that you can print out for your child, and you can also print and cut out pieces for an age-appropriate dolphin puzzle

Fun facts provided include:

  • Dolphins are actually small-toothed whales (did you know that??) with 100 teeth that are all the same shape and size. 
  • A dolphin can hold its breath for six to seven minutes.
  • Just like people, dolphins have their favorite foods – and, for them, it tends to be sardines. 
These are only some of the dolphin-related ideas for your child, so check out the site for more. As one more example, here are fun facts that you can share while your child colors jellyfish pictures
  • The jellyfish has large tentacles that hang below its body. This creature is made up of a gelatin-like substance, giving it its name.
  • The jellyfish will actually eat other jellyfish!
  • This creature glides easily through the ocean by shooting water from its body.  Busy Bee Kids Printables

Here’s a fun game for your preschooler that will help to build his or her memory. This game can be played indoors – or out, on a calm day. Simply print out this page, cut out each of the summer-themed pictures and turn them upside down for your child, mixing up their positions. Your youngster turns over two cards and, if they match, he or she gets to keep the cards. If there isn’t a match, the cards get turned face-side down again. Your child keeps trying until he or she matches up all of the cards. The site also offers printable summer-themed dominos for another fun game.

Enchanted Learning

If you’re going on a family vacation – or even an enjoyable day trip – Enchanted Learning shares instructions to create a journal so your child can write or draw what you do, recording memories to enjoy again later. For this journal, the site provides printable pages for:

  • The cover
  • A packing list
  • Trip information
  • Trip diary pages (print as many as you need)
  • Coloring pages (print as many as you need)
  • An after-the-trip page where your child can record:
    • The best part of the trip
    • The best food
    • The most interesting things seen/done
    • The funniest things seen/done
    • New friends made
    • What he or she learned
    • Where he or she would like to visit/travel to next

Besides paper and a printer, all you need to create this journal is a piece of thin cardboard to make a cover (you can use cardboard from a cereal box), a stapler and crayons. If you’re going on a longer trip, you might also want to create a car activity book for your child. 

It’s also crucial to choose the right summer program for your child and we’d love to talk to you about your needs. 

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