Stretching comes with many benefits. It’s an easy way for kids to improve their flexibility, support better posture, and feel more relaxed. Fitting a stretch routine into your child’s morning can help them wake up, keep a positive mindset for the day, and ultimately sleep better at night. 

Not sure where to start? Check out these three ideas for morning stretches for kids.

#1: Child Pose

Getting into this position allows your child to do a complete stretch—one that can help to lower stress and promote relaxation. Steps are as follows:

  1. Have your child kneel, spreading their knees apart and having their toes touch one another.
  2. Ask your child to bend forward until their forehead touches the floor—or, if you’re using one, the mat. Once comfortably in this position, they can stretch their arms forward, extending their palms in front of their head.
  3. Have your child adjust the lower half of their body so their bottom touches their heels.
  4. Your child should now be in the correct position, so they can now slowly inhale and exhale, holding each of these breaths for around 30 seconds. 

For this stretch and the other two morning stretches for kids described in this post, you can watch the accompanying videos at

#2: Cat-Cow Stretch

This morning stretch helps to enhance mobility in the pelvis, neck, spine, and shoulders while strengthening the spine. Steps include the following:

  1. Have your child get on all fours in a table-top position where the back is straight, and the head faces forward.
  2. Arms should be right beneath the shoulders. As your child inhales, have them flex their back in a downward, sagging motion while the head remains straight. This is the cow portion of the stretch.
  3. Then, as your child slowly exhales, they should arch their back until it rounds up toward the ceiling, squeezing their belly muscles. The head will move downwards. This is the cat portion of the stretch. 

#3: Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

When this simple stretch is regularly practiced, it can help to reduce risks of injuries as it boosts flexibility. To do this stretch:

  1. Have your child stand straight and tall with feet a normal distance apart.
  2. Raise the right arm and then move it toward the left arm.
  3. Using the left hand, gently push the right elbow, stretching the right arm.
  4. Hold this position for a few seconds, then, repeat the steps on the other arm.

Horizon Makes Health & Wellness a Priority (Stretching Included!) 

Did you know that the health and wellness club at Horizon’s Southside location incorporates stretching into their club routines? It’s one example of the many ways we encourage regular activity at all of our centers to help build healthy bodies. To learn more, schedule a tour today!

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