Is your child entering kindergarten in the fall? Help them prepare by enrolling them in Horizon’s Kindergarten Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a 10-week program offered during the summer to reinforce kindergarten skills like letter recognition, writing first and last names, number and shape recognition, cutting assessment and more. Your child is automatically enrolled for no additional cost if they’re already enrolled in Horizon’s preschool program.

Horizon’s Boot Camp program features:

  • A guided school-like schedule with structured expectations
  • Reduced nap times
  • Two educational field trips
  • Bus riding practice runs
  • Self-care skills like using the bathroom alone and buttoning and unbuttoning pants
  • Work on skills like standing in line and being more independent during the school day

Even for children who have been in preschool or child care, transitioning into kindergarten is a big deal. As the beginning of formal classroom education for most children, you want to get your child as prepared as possible, and Horizon’s Boot Camp can ease the transition.

Starting weeks before the formal school year can help children get used to the idea of the routine kindergarten will follow, and even get them excited to start on their first day. As parents, you can encourage this positive change in your child’s life by talking to them about it at home and hearing their feelings on this new journey.

Kindergarten Boot Camp is offered at every Horizon center. Cost varies by location. Ask your Center Director for more information.

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