While trick or treating is a tradition for many families on Halloween, there is no shortage of other enjoyable activities for families around this time of year. Here are plenty of fun family Halloween activities for you to consider and enjoy!

Carving Pumpkins

SafeWise offers tips on how to safely carve pumpkins with children. They include choosing a smooth pumpkin that's right for carving and to take your time with small, controlled movements. Carve in a well-lit area and keep your hands and carving tools dry. If your child wants to join in with the carving, make sure you have an age-appropriate carving set like this one. If your child is too young for actually carving, have them paint theirs in glitter paint and decorate it with rhinestones. 

Whipping Up Spooky Snacks

Better Homes & Gardens provides instructions for twenty-four Halloween treats that kids can make. From Marshmallow Pops to Ghostly Cupcakes, Gummy Worm Popcorn Balls, Little Monster Sandwich Cookies, and more, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Have delicious cider on hand and enjoy eating what you make after cleanup is complete. YouTube makes it easy to play Halloween music while you’re in the kitchen, allowing you to create multi-faceted fun family Halloween activities. 

Surprising Neighbors with a BOO Basket

Spread the Halloween spirit by creating a fun basket of goodies, and secretly drop it off at a neighbor’s home with a note that reads “You’ve Been Spooked!” (Here’s a printable to download.) Your children and neighbors alike can enjoy the experience. You can put wrapped candy in the BOO basket or some of the spooky snacks that your family just enjoyed making. If your children like to make crafts, they could include a special piece of their artwork in the basket, too.

Participating in Trunk or Treat

If you like the idea of trick or treating but don’t want your child to go to strangers’ homes, talk to your neighbors about holding a trunk or treat event. Each participating neighbor creates a Halloween display in their car’s trunk, and then kids could dress up in costumes and go from trunk to trunk to collect their treats. Or, a group of parents could meet in a parking lot for a similar event, which can be themed if you choose. 

Reading Halloween-Inspired Books

The New York Public Library has a list of the best Halloween books for kids, including picture books, ones for elementary school children, and middle grades—so there are choices for all ages. In the picture book, A Spoonful of Frogs by Casey Lyall, a witch is having a tough time making frog soup since the frogs hop off a spoon and escape. Nina Soni: Halloween Queen is recommended for readers aged seven to ten; in this book, Nina Soni plans to create a scary haunted house and charge admission—but then things go “hilariously wrong.” 

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