As an education professional, Nicole Nagy knows how off-campus activities like field trips can positively impact students. But, as a full time college student earning her doctorate in education, a teacher and a single mother, Nicole wasn’t always able to fund her daughters’ summer camp field trips at Horizon Education Centers.

Southside Family

“I chose Horizon because they offered more services for my children than any daycare in the area. Also I attended Horizon when I was a child,” Nicole said. “I am not surrounded by any family and the Horizon education center has truly embraced my family and I.”

Nicole and her daughters Cherish and Abelyah are the first recipients of Horizon’s scholarship for off-campus activities.

“The scholarship was timely because we have endured some financial struggles in the past few months. As a single mother I have enough to pay bills, there is not much room for extra things,” she said. “I often recommend Horizon to people. I feel like the staff has my children’s best interest in mind. I feel like they genuinely love my children and that is something you will not get at every daycare. They are professional and caring. They care about my children’s educational needs as well as their social and emotional well being.”