Establishing new family holiday traditions can strengthen bonds while adding to the magic of the holiday season. And once they’re created, they can be passed down throughout the generations to come. 

Benefits of family holiday activities also include, as notes, how they can create memories that last a lifetime, providing children with a sense of continuity and security. While imparting a sense of belonging, you can also craft traditions that pass along family values. 

Here are four ideas to consider as you create rituals that are uniquely yours.

#1: Enjoy Holiday Lights in Your Community

Good Housekeeping suggests that you head out to the tree lighting ceremony in your community. Even if that doesn’t work out, you can still stroll through the neighborhood or drive through the area to see the outdoor decorations at people’s homes and in the parks. Your family can talk about your favorite designs, choose what you think is the most unusual, and so forth. And, although it’s too late for this year, you can plan to stream the incredible Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in the future.

#2: Bake Holiday Goodies Together

You can bake family favorites or choose some of the recipes available online that are easy for kids to make. You can offer them as treats when people visit you over the holiday, use them as gifts, or participate in cookie exchanges. 

If there isn’t an exchange in your area, consider starting one as one of your new family holiday activities. suggests that you pick a time and place for the exchange, sharing basic ground rules such as everyone baking a dozen cookies for each attendee. You can decorate the space for the cookie exchange in a cheery holiday fashion and provide coffee and kid-friendly drinks to enjoy (such as one or more of these festive hot chocolate recipes). You might even have each family share the history behind their recipe and why it’s such a favorite.

#3: Share the Love & Volunteer! lists a variety of ways that you can volunteer as a family during the holiday season. From participating in a toy drive, to visiting lonely people in care facilities, to donating to a food bank or volunteering your time there, you can make a real difference in other people’s lives. No matter which causes you decide to support, you can teach your children the importance of caring for one another in meaningful ways. 

#4: Watch Holiday Films as a Family

Perhaps you’ll watch your favorite film each year to ring in the holiday season. Or, you can pick from a list of highly recommended holiday films for families. It’s the perfect time to relax together and savor some of the sweet treats from that cookie exchange mentioned above.

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