There’s a lot to love about the fall — including all the fun activities the season offers for families! Here are five fall activities for families that let you soak in those perfect weather days and make indoor fun on rainy days.

Jump in the Leaves

Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are best. So, pick a crisp autumn day to rake leaves into piles as a family. When you’re done, choose one of the piles for the young (and young at heart) to dive right in!

To carry on with the theme for the day,  you could read a book like Leaves Fall Down: Learning About Autumn Leaves by Lisa Marie Bullard to your youngsters. In it, a mom answers her son’s questions about fall, including why autumn leaves change color; related crafts are suggested. 

Pick Apples or Pumpkins (or Both!)

Ready to take a drive to enjoy fall activities for families? shares a list of Northeast Ohio’s best apple orchards. You can pick apples as a family and, in several cases, enjoy fall festivals at the locations. also showcases the area’s top-rated pumpkin patches, along with details about additional old-fashioned fun the patches offer. This can include hayrides, going through a corn maze, and more activities beyond picking your own pumpkin.

Make Fall Treats Together

Perhaps you could use the apples you’ve picked as a family to whip up a fall recipe. You can have the kids help you prepare apple crisp for dessert or apple cinnamon chips as a midday snack. Or to help make veggies a little more exciting to eat, you could have them help make a skeleton-inspired veggie tray that they enjoy when their friends come over to play.

Create Unique Halloween Costumes

If you’d like for your children to have special costumes made with love, here are fifty-one ideas. From vampire bats to space boys and girls to dressing like the tooth fairy and more, craft your own easy-to-make costumes. You can use them for classroom parties and for trick or treat. 

If you want to take it a step further, you could decide to host your own Halloween party for your children and their friends. You can offer up some of those fall treats and play games that fit the season like bobbing for apples and pinning the tail on ghosts.

Enjoy Nature as a Family

Maybe it’s as simple as going on walks in your neighborhood and parks to appreciate the beauty of the fall leaves. Or maybe pick an evening to pitch a tent in your backyard and make s’mores over your fire pit. Whichever route you choose, there are many fall activities you can appreciate without going far from home. 

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