Summer is here, and it won’t be long before the kids will clamor to go out and about. For their sanity (and yours), here are a number of fun family activities in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding metro area to keep the whole family occupied and entertained.

#1 Visit a Nature Center list 11 that they call their favorites, and here are the two they list first.

Rocky River Nature Center, located at 24000 Valley Parkway in North Olmsted, includes trails around the center with refurbished Fort Hill Steps—155 of them. If it starts to rain, there’s an indoor treehouse to climb and reptiles to observe.

The second nature center listed is Canal Way Center at 4524 E. 49th Street in Cleveland. Gorgeous trails, including some along the canal, help to make this choice a favorite. Indoors? A boat for kids to play and imagine in, tanks of turtles, and a nature nook room for children.

Check the calendars of these two nature trails or other ones listed in the article to see specific Cleveland summer activities they will host.

#2 Money Museum

Here’s another rainy-day idea for Cleveland summer activities. Located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland at 1455 East Sixth Street, you enter a beautiful historic building for a self-guided experience. Kids can watch a short film on money, play a computer game that teaches the concept of bartering, and be awed by a huge money tree. Kids can use a magnifying glass to investigate whether a piece of money is counterfeit; make their own “dollar bills”; and take home a shredded bag of money. You can use this day to teach your children about the value of money in fun ways.

#3 Frolic With Butterflies

Located in Lorain County but fairly close to Cleveland, the Miller Nature Preserve at 2739 Center Road in Avon features a newly renovated, 5,000-square-foot conservatory. Their beautiful Butterfly House is open from mid-June through Labor Day; you can take pictures of these stunning winged creatures.

Before you go, consider reading one or more of these books about caterpillars and butterflies recommended by Scholastic. If you’ve got a child who finds it hard to wait, they might especially enjoy The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach.

#4 Cleveland History Center Merry-Go-Round

When looking for family activities in Cleveland, Ohio, don’t overlook the Cleveland History Center and its 1910 carousel. Originally located at Euclid Beach Park, the merry-go-round is now at 10825 East Blvd. in Cleveland: fully restored and ready to ride. While there, you can also see historic cars in the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum.

Expect to pay for these Cleveland summer activities. For museum admittance, including carousel rides, adults pay $15; seniors $13; veterans $12; college students $10; children aged three-twelve $8; and children two and under free.

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