Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories. As a parent, when you create a summer bucket list that’s tailored to your kids’ unique interests, you can make the most out of the sunny days ahead. 

Here are four ideas to enhance their experience.

#1: Get Inspired!

As notes, brainstorm ideas as a family based on your children’s interests and that prioritize spending time together. Places to look for inspiration can include family-friendly travel blogs, magazines, websites, and social media.

Make a list of what captures your attention, even if it’s on the ambitious side. You can still use that idea—let’s say that it’s white-water rafting—by adding water parks to your summer bucket list for kids. Does a video on mountain climbing capture your child’s attention? Add local hiking trails to your summer list. 

You can also ask friends and family members for recommendations and see what local sites are offering for the summer. Also check local tourism websites and consider asking nearby visitor centers for activities and attractions that might appeal to your family.

#2: Go Old School

Sometimes, the best ideas are ones that have been around for generations and don’t require any significant travel to enjoy. Games suggested by include hide and seek, red rover, and ghost in the graveyard—or to fly a kite or go fishing.

Teach your children how to garden, including foods they can eat, like we did at Horizon Education Centers in Lorain. Give them pieces of chalk and a place on the sidewalk or driveway to draw or fill balloons with water for a fun fight using reusable water balloons.

Other ideas include backyard picnics (perhaps using some foods grown in your own garden!) and making s’mores over fire pits.

#3: Expand Your Horizons

From baseball games to museums and zoos, libraries, playgrounds, and pools, shares 50 “super fun” summer bucket list ideas. Some of these require a sunny day for the optimal amount of fun, while others would be ideal on more rainy days. Keep your children’s interests in mind when deciding which museums to attend, for example, and what books to look for in libraries. 

 #4: Track Progress & Celebrate Accomplishments

Create a chart where you can check off when you complete an activity on your summer bucket list for kids or reach a goal (perhaps walking a certain number of miles or visiting a number of new playgrounds). Have fun celebrating the progress you’ve made!

Experience Learning & Fun at Horizon’s Summer Camp

When you add Horizon’s Summer Camp to your summer bucket list for kids, your children can enjoy plenty of fun and learning opportunities to complement what you do as a family. We offer weekly themes, major field trips each week, enjoyable hands-on activities, and much more for active brains, healthy bodies, and happy faces.

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