hands childrenKids get into many different situations whether at school, home, or participating in programs. With this in mind, it's important they understand the importance of keeping their hands clean.

When it comes to kids and hygiene, teaching little ones the "art of hand washing" can help in promoting better health especially during flu season. If you're looking for easy, supportive, and engaging ways to teach your kids, consider these helpful tips for all ages.

For the youngest students, keeping them entertained and engaged while teaching them the basics of simple hand washing is a good way to begin.

• Teach by example. Let kids see you wash your hands multiple times during the day.

• Let them wash their hands whenever you wash yours. Talk about "clean hands" and provide a reward for a job well done.

• Whenever they use the toilet, supervise them to ensure they wash their hands.

• Before eating, have them wash their hands.

• Use interactive hand washing games to support activities.

• Make it fun by putting together a hand washing tool kit. Add a small bar of soap, washcloth, towel, even a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Talk about these "tools" and why they're important.

• Purchase or download songs related to hand washing. Sing along and use your hands to show how to properly use soap and water.

• Depending on the age of the child, keep a safety stool beside the sink so they can reach the faucet. Supervise and support them whenever they want to wash their hands.

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