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When Should You Get Your Child a Smartphone?

Posted by David Smith on Fri, Oct 17, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

smartphone childToday's world of technology-driven gadgets begs the question, what is the appropriate age for a child to get their first smartphone?

The answer to the question runs the gamut from "when they can afford to buy it themselves" to "when they're mature enough to use a smartphone responsibly."

Pros for Children with Smartphones

• For older children, it provides them with the opportunity to show their parents they know how to take care of an advanced gadget.

• Some parents note that it gives them "peace of mind" knowing their child has a phone. Of course, a prepaid cell phone would serve the same purpose.

• GPS tracking is a positive point but the opposing view is where a toddler is going to be with a Smartphone other than with their parents. For older kids in their teens and driving, a Smartphone makes sense.

Cons for Children with Smartphones

• Smartphones should not replace family time.

• Young children need to learn how to socialize, interact, and communicate face-to-face with others to support growth.

• They can be too distracting.

• Young children don't need the advanced technology of a Smartphone. When they're older with computer knowledge, a Smartphone is more appropriate.

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