children choresChores are a time-honored way to teach children to be responsible, helpful and self-sufficient. Chore lists and sticker charts work with young children who take pride in earning checks, stars or stickers for completed chores.

Chore lists which help children visualize their progress and accomplishments, are also a nag-free way to remind your children of their personal and household responsibilities.

Use these parenting tips from Horizon Education to institute chore lists for your children:

1. When introducing chore lists, keep each task short and specific. Break multitask chores into individual steps. For example, instead of get ready for bed, your child’s chore chart might include: undress, brush teeth, go potty, wash hands, wash face, brush hair, and put on pajamas.

2. Teach children how to do their chores by doing each step with them for the first few times. Children need to be shown how to do new chores and may need considerable practice before they can perform the chore proficiently. Be patient and don’t expect instant perfection but don’t settle for less than a good effort either. Learning to do a job well builds self-confidence and teaches the value of hard work.

3. Use chore charts and incentives to foster self-motivation. Children love to earn stickers or stars for completing daily chores. Make your own chore charts or search online for free printable chore charts. (Check out these fun chore chart ideas on Pinterest.)

4. Tailor chores to your child’s age and abilities.

5. Make chores fun by singing silly songs, playing your child’s favorite tunes or dancing while you work.

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