When fall arrives, it’s the season to start putting together healthy school lunches to pack into your child’s lunchbox each morning—and this blog post shares four ideas to consider. easy-school-lunches

The Elvis Burrito

BonAppetit.com shares 41 recipes for easy school lunches to prepare for your child, including The Elvis Burrito. To make this burrito, simply toast a whole-wheat wrap and then spread peanut butter on it. Sprinkle with crumbled bacon and drizzle on a bit of honey. To give it the true Elvis touch, you’ll then put a whole peeled banana at one edge of the wrap before rolling it up. Press gently to break up the banana and create a cylinder-shaped masterpiece. (For inspiration, feel free to turn on the tunes of the King of Rock and Roll while making this lunch!)

Cream Cheese Sandwiches

If you’re putting together lunch in a hurry, you can also choose among four variations of cream cheese sandwiches, using this ingredient (or Greek yogurt, if you prefer) along with:

  • Seedy bread and apricot jam
  • Jewish rye bread, sliced salami and pickles
  • Pumpernickel bread, tomato rounds and salt and pepper to taste
  • Whole wheat bread, sliced cucumbers and a touch of mint

Tortilla Española

If you’ve got a little bit more time and don’t mind using a few pans, you can’t go wrong with this Spanish classic with a custard-like texture. (The secret, the article shares, is to keep the eggs slightly undercooked because that keeps them from getting “bouncy.”)

To make these tortillas, you’ll heat one tablespoon of oil in a large skillet, medium heat. You’ll then add a thinly sliced yellow onion seasoned with kosher salt. Cook for 34 to 40 minutes, until the onion is softened, dark brown in color. Let it cool a bit as you cook two medium waxy potatoes that are peeled, then cut into pieces of ¾” each.

In a medium saucepan, you’ll pour in two cups of olive oil and the potatoes. Cook on medium-high heat until the oil starts to bubble. Then lower the heat to medium, continuing to cook the potatoes until tender, removing them before they take on color. Figure 10 to 12 minutes. Drain and season the potatoes with kosher salt, reserving the oil.

In a large bowl, put eight eggs, plus the potatoes and onions, along with ¼ cup of the reserved oil. Gently beat the mixture with a fork.

In a 10” nonstick skillet, heat three tablespoons of the reserved potato oil over medium heat. Add your mixture and, as you cook, lift the edges and tilt the skillet to allow egg that hasn’t yet cooked to go beneath the mixture. Once the bottom and edge of the tortilla is set (the center will still be wet), place a large plate on top of the skillet and quickly invert your food onto the plate. Slip it back into the skillet and cook the other side for about two minutes more. The center will just be setting. Cut into wedges.

Roasted Tomato Soup

Parents.com also shares easy school lunches to make, including this simple version of a classic soup. You simply coat three cups of grape tomatoes with a tablespoon of olive oil and then place them on a foil-lined baking sheet. Roast at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, cooking a cup of pasta at the same time.

Then, put the tomatoes and a cup and a half of low-sodium vegetable broth into a blender and puree. Afterwards, season with salt and pepper. Put the soup and the pasta in a medium saucepan and cook for five minutes over medium heat. The soup should just be simmering.

You can put a cup of soup in a thermos that fits into your child’s lunchbox, and you can store it for up to three days. If you’ll want to keep it longer, freeze the soup. When you’re ready to send this healthy school lunch with your child, also send two tablespoons of shredded cheddar cheese that he or she can sprinkle on top.

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