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Afterschool Programs

After SchoolAfterschool Programs for Ages 6-12

  • High quality, educationally aligned afterschool and summer programs
  • 21st Century Partner Districts — Elyria, Lorain, and Cleveland
  • Extended learning opportunities: Homework help, activities linked to school day and tutoring

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers deliver hundreds of engaging  activities specially designed to promote learning. Students receive direct instruction and follow technology-empowered curriculum that features audio assistance, immediate feedback and the option to repeat instruction as often as needed.

Our programs provide opportunities for learning that are directly related to specific skills and offer flexible, personal strategic tutoring in a self-paced format using affordable, personal learning tools (PLTs).

We are able to preserve teacher time with independent learning models. The 21st Century Community Learning Center meets the needs of mixed-ability classrooms and strengthens the home-school connection, while including award-winning interactive content.

Horizon's afterschool programs are offered at all our locations, as well as the following elementary schools:

What to know about Afterschool Programs